About ecmIQ

Our Mission

To provide High-Performance ECM consulting services exceeding your expectations

Our Story

In 2012, Ryan Block formed ecmIQ (formerly Rantrum Group) to provide Perceptive ECM and OCR upgrade, health check and consulting services.

With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Ryan started as an implementation consultant at Perceptive Software in 2007. He quickly gained the nickname, “The Fireman,” for his ability to go into failing implementations and quickly resolve their biggest technical challenges and make happy customers. Soon promoted to technical architect, he worked primarily with enterprise clients overseeing complex implementations, performing health checks and upgrades, and salvaging projects that had gone poorly.

Drawing on our deep experience in the Perceptive ecosystem, ecmIQ works with some of the most complex and demanding Perceptive environments. ecmIQ continues to grow with a team of consultants, vertical market specialists and developers to address complex development tasks for customers like you.

A Message from our Founder

At ecmIQ, we can be little obsessive in our approach because we care, a lot, about how your ECM system performs. Beginning with Perceptive Software over a decade ago, I’ve dedicated my career to creating stable, high-performing ECM environments.

The multiple rounds of acquisitions and lack of product direction in recent years have unsettled the Perceptive community. Nevertheless, ecmIQ remains the market leader in providing high-performing services and solutions tailored to meet out clients’ needs.

No matter where you are on your Perceptive journey, when you hire ecmIQ for your upgrade, health check or other ECM consulting services, you can be certain we’re giving you the attention to detail you deserve and premium service beyond your expectations.