Your Perceptive Content success? For us, it’s personal.

You know that deep sense of pride and ownership you have when you’re on the ground floor of something really special? That’s how we feel about Perceptive Content. That’s our baby!

As an integral part of the original Perceptive Software professional services team, we were hands-on in building Perceptive Content to be the stable, scalable enterprise content management application it has become. And today, we maintain excellent relationships with Hyland.

Our promise

A-team talent.

You’ll always work with senior-level, experienced technology and solution consultants.

No surprises.

Expect full project transparency—that goes for timelines, schedules and cost.

Clear communication.

We’re in constant contact with your team and won’t tip-toe around tough issues.

We stand behind our work.

We do what we say and if there’s a problem, we’ll solve it. Now.

We’ll say it again … best practices are our only practices.

We’ve been working under the hood for 30+ years with small, medium and large multinationals. We work across industries with AP, HR, Higher Ed, Healthcare, Commercial and Government. We know everything Perceptive Content is capable of—and what it isn’t. We’ll share that knowledge and expertise with you and make sure your specific solution works exactly the way you need it.



Ryan Block


Ryan Block began working with document management systems over 20 years ago. As a Perceptive consultant and architect, Ryan has designed or worked with many of the largest and most complex Perceptive Content systems around.

As a founding member of the Perceptive Software technical architect team, Ryan was often sent into challenging situations to turn them around and create successful outcomes with happy customers. Ryan was the go-to ‘phone-a-friend’ for more than 100 consultants and analysts worldwide, helping them resolve their most challenging ImageNow (later Perceptive Content) issues.

Ryan’s ability to dive into just about any technical problem and figure out the solution earned him the nickname ‘Fireman’ among his leadership and peers. He gained a reputation with customers for advocating for their needs and getting them the attention and resources they required to be successful.

In 2012, Ryan started ecmIQ, providing Perceptive Content and Brainware consulting services and has continued to be the insider’s choice for Perceptive consulting needs.

When not taking care of customers, Ryan can be found spending time with his children, planning getaways to far-flung locations and making craft chocolate in his basement micro-batch chocolate factory—which he has been known to share with lucky customers on occasion.


Steve Evans

Managing Director

Steve Evans brings over 20 years of document management and technology consulting experience. As a Perceptive consultant and project manager, Steve designed and implemented some of the company’s most expansive and complex projects for clients across all industries.

Throughout the years and company names, Steve always made sure to put the customer and their success first. That meant listening to customers, identifying their true issues and needs and pushing the boundaries of the software. When it was needed, he worked with Perceptive product development to make necessary updates.

In 2015, Steve switched over to the Pre-Sales side of the business, where he eventually started managing the entire Perceptive Content business unit. He continued to advocate for the software’s users, creating the weekly Content Café vlog series, and remaining directly involved in solving the daily needs of Perceptive Content users as part of the Hyland team..

When not working with ecmIQ customers or flying across the country, Steve spends his time in Kansas City with his two spirited boys and wife, he also enjoys going to Lawrence to watch some amazing basketball.

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