Quality is Nonnegotiable

Since we started ecmIQ ten years ago, we’ve often been brought in to clean-up after another vendor has failed to deliver on their quality commitment to the customer. We’re at it again this week with a healthcare client.

When a customer finds themselves in this situation, I’m always happy we can help. It’s one of the most maddening things we see and simply does not need to happen!

Within hours of starting our post-implementation system audit, we found dozens of misconfigurations that have plagued this customer’s system and lead to massive stability and performance issues since the previous vendor took them live.

Now, with audit results in hand, we’re pulling a plan together to remediate the issues and get this customer’s environment stable, as it should have been day one.

There’s no excuse for poor quality. At ecmIQ, quality is nonnegotiable. Let’s skip the frustration and start working together to get the results you need, now.

Accountability. Communication. Transparency.

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